The Real Secret Of Attraction


What is the real secret of attraction? Ask yourself that and think about it for a moment. What makes a man irresistible to women? Why do women gravitate certain men, willingly inviting them into their lives, their arms, and to an extent, their dreams? Is it the looks, money or power?




We often possess this notion that all successful men with women must have something going right for them that the average man lacks. Well, sadly, that notion is correct… However, contrary to popular belief, it is not looks, money or power. You don’t have to buy women these flashy gifts from, in an effort for them to fall in love with you. These are all external elements that we accumulate in an effort to appear more “lovable” to the opposite sex.


Women everywhere understand that what is really attractive to them is a man’s attitude in life, i.e. how a man chooses to live life and how he perceives the world around him. A point to note is, women are not attracted to those men, who are dashing and good looking. They are attracted to attractive men. Big difference! If you think critically. You don’t have to be impressive… just be interesting!


The dating and relationship scene has changed over the years, so much in that we can’t help but feel it is some kind of an epic struggle or battle that we take part in. There is a subset of men who move among women with ease, some stare helplessly across a chasm at women in their imposing fortress, high and walled.


The rarest of men are those who have acquired the ability to see women in their natural state, right through their makeup, their imposing walls, and insecurities. In short, they see women as they really are. Then, women will then recognize immediately the presence of a man who genuinely likes women. And who thinks they are beautiful no matter what, and who makes them feel lovely.

Attraction - ways with women

A man who likes women is ultimately liked by women. Who constantly find themselves drawn towards him. Just like the proverbial moth to a flame.


The fundamental questions, in this case, are: Can the art of love be learned? Can we learn to become the kind of man women respond to? Can we learn ways to increase our aura, charm, confidence, and our overall attractiveness quotient towards women?


The answer to all those questions is firm and empathetic “Yes”. I strongly believe that natural and seduction skills, our ‘’ways with women’’ can be easily learned by everyone. There has been evidence of the quiet, and sometimes shy, men becoming compassionate, charismatic, enlightened seducers of women and ultimately leaders of men, basically, the Alpha male.


Always remember, women are complicit in their own seduction and they probably want it more than you do. Therefore, every woman wants to be a love story. The man who understands this is the luckiest of them all.



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