Things Every Couple Must Do to Make Their Honeymoon More Romantic


Marriage is full of excitement, funniness, heartbreak and sometimes outright chaos. Owing to this, honeymoon is widely regarded as a very important time in the life of newlywed couples. It is an avenue for them to bond, learn a more about each other, serve each other, and try out some crazy ideas they may not have the time or space to engage in again especially if they are planning to have kids. A lot of couples are always looking out for great romantic ideas to improve their honeymoon. As they don’t want their blossoming romance to become boring or lose its shine during the course of their honeymoon.

This article will offer some great and achievable ideas that will help you have a blast during your honeymoon. Majority of the ideas offered here do not require spending a lot of money or spending money at all. They are simple everyday ideas, but will result in a lot of benefits to the couple in terms improving the overall quality of their relationship. These ideas will help you thoroughly enjoy your honeymoon before the doom and gloom of marriage described at the beginning. Here are some things that you must carry to ensure that you have a romantic honeymoon.


  1. Create time to have a romantic dinner together

Romantic Dinner

Planning a romantic meal together will help you get to know more about each other’s food taste, likes and dislikes, especially if you did not have this knowledge prior to your marriage. Do not try to force one another into eating your choice but order food according to your partner’s preferences. Do not hold back from trying out each other’s meal by feeding each other during the dinner as this will build up your intimacy and understanding.

It is also romantic to play with each other’s food during the dinner. Plan an exotic, sumptuous and sophisticated dinner by ordering the finest food and choicest wine, depending on your individual taste and preferences. Also make sure to provide romantic music during the dinner, to help improve the atmosphere.


  1. Watch sunrise together


Watch sunrise together

While doing this during a honeymoon might sound outdated, hackneyed, unexciting to present-day newly-weds. It could be enjoyable if you do it right. Get up just before dawn to get a glance of sunrise together. Doing this will not only build a sense of cooperation and ability to achieve things together. It will also produce a feeling of togetherness, intimacy, and a bright start to the new day and lifetime together. You can even make this a tradition if you like, for the rest of your lives.


  1. Enjoy unlimited periods of Intimacy

Enjoy unlimited periods of Intimacy

Use your honeymoon as a time to breakdown and eliminate any remaining obstacles to your budding romance. It is a good time to try and understand each other’s temperament as well as what gladdens and pacify your partner. Do not be afraid to get to know each other in bed too, as this is a very important part of marriage; try out a few fantasies if possible. During your honeymoon, enjoy and take time to display and accept the loads of intimacy to and from your partner. Regular acts of kissing, touching, hugging, and even helping each other out will improve your intimacy levels. Surprise your partner with a gift, share food and drinks and cuddle as much as possible, including after love making.


  1. Arrange a Tranquil Time Together at a Couple’s Spa

Arrange a Tranquil Time Together at a Couples Spa

In the midst of all the activities you will engage in during your honeymoon. It is essential that you make out time to relax with your partner. Visiting a spa together can help you achieve not only a soothing time together. But also achieve more intimacy and ability to achieve things in unison. Make sure you assist each other to thoroughly get immersed in activities at the spa, offering suggestions where necessary.


  1. Don’t Miss Interesting Moments

Dont Miss Interesting Moments

Having a memorabilia and good memories of your honeymoon can go a long way to help your marriage during trying times. It is therefore very necessary to take and keep pictures during your honeymoon. This will make your honeymoon experience last a lifetime. The activities and time you spend with your partner during your honeymoon may count as some of the best you may have. So don’t miss taking pictures and videos of these instances. Take pictures and videos when doing funny things, playing or laughing at each other’s jokes.


  1. Try to be Adventurous with Activities You Can’t Do at Home

Try to be Adventurous with Activities You Cant Do at Home

Your honeymoon should be a time you take out time to go on adventures and carry out all those activities you cannot do at home. You can arrange to play games, go skiing, cycling or even mountain climbing together. Try out activities that are popular at the location you are taking your honeymoon. Engage in activities that will increase your admiration of each other.



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