Creative Beach Marriage Proposals

Beach Marriage Proposals

Beach Marriage Proposals :

When a couple contemplates marriage, it’s an exciting time ushering engagement. The engagement will be something both of you will remember for the years to follow. Possibly it will be told to your children and grandchildren. For the guy, this is a challenge, as it has to be memorable. But it is acceptable to say it is enjoying and worthwhile.

Now onto the good business, so you have decided to propose on the beach, ideally it is one of the best places to. Why? Well the immaculate stretch of the cool, soft white sand and gentle swish-swash sound of the waves and the cry of the seagulls. Can provide an exquisite romantic set up for an engagement. That is nature’s help, of mood setting to you my good sir. Now it is your turn to decide how you will carry out the deed.

As always, proposals are done with the significant other in mind, think of her personality then use that as a benchmark to create that unique proposal bound to yield an enthusiastic, breathless, “Yes!”

But first choose a ring to take it with you. I recommend the Classic Three Stone ring embedded with side stones from Javda example;


If you are having trouble, despair not my good sir, there are creative ways to propose on the beach, I have gathered a few for your taste, and again, it will depend on your ingenuity to ensure its uniqueness and romanticism that will be etched out in memory forever.

  1. Message in a bottle


Err!  I just love ye, me beauty! Ye twinkle like the Caribbean sky! Nothing says it better than the Pirate Tongue.

As you take your girl out for a stroll pretend to see something along the shoreline that glimmers. Walk ahead towards it and without her noticing, pull out a small bottle from your pocket with a small note in it and bring it back to her. Let her open it to reveal the message, meanwhile pull out the lovely ring and get down on one knee. She will be mesmerized as she realizes it’s a proposal.

  1. Onto a Treasure Hunt


Again, pirates save the day, place the engagement ring and the proposal letter in a small treasure chest and leave one end sticking out of the sand. Create a map with fun clues to interact with like romantic questions and games and seek out to find the treasure. Encourage her to be the one to open it and let the magic work.

  1. The Diamond Pearl


Without a doubt finding a pearl embedded in an oyster is an amazing experience. Why not substitute with an engagement ring?

Stroll with your girl on the beach and decide to look for oysters, convince her amicably and when she is not looking place the oyster with ring in plain sight and beckon to her to check it out. As she pops it open, pop up the question as well.

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